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Why become a consultant?

I started ROI so I could spend more time with my family.  With 4 children I wanted to maximize my time with family yet still be able to provide for them. I love the industry but was tired of ownership of restaurants and wanted freedom.  It has worked out very well!

What are some major skills I require to become a successful consultant?

I am not a chef (my wife says I am a lousy cook) and I am not an accountant.  What I am is a student of the hospitality industry and have learned every day about the industry.  Having a great understanding of balance sheet, profit and loss statements is hugely helpful.  Understanding food not from a cooking perspective but from an organizational perspective is also very helpful.  You need to review your skill set and determine what areas of consulting suit you best.  

I don’t know many restaurant operators, how do I meet them?

We have never done a trade show and when we started out we did not know three other operators in the city.  We now know everyone!!  Don’t worry, we will show you how to market your consulting business as well as use our contacts in your area.  We have contacts all over North America and the Caribbean.

Will I get paid every week?

No but on a yearly basis, yes!  Just like the restaurant business cash flow fluctuates over the year but yearly earnings can grow to six figures.

Does it matter if I am a front or back of the house person?

No, being an owner helps the most because you understand what owners and businesses go through to operate.  We feel you definitely need to have been a General Manager for a number of years or a Chef for a number of years.  Experience really does count when you are consulting.  

What is my first step?

Contact us and we can have an in depth discussion then we will honestly tell you if you are suited to being a consultant in the Hospitality industry.  Remember, it is a lot of hard work!

What is the most important trait I need to become a consultant?

We feel it is commitment to giving your clients more than they asked for and being available for them when they need you.  The hospitality business is not a Monday to Friday 9-5 business so you need to be available to help your clients nights and weekends but this also means you can go golfing on a sunny afternoon!